3 Reasons to Install Your Sod in the Winter

You may think of the spring or summer as the best season to install new sod in your yard, but for homeowners around Florida, the winter actually provides the best opportunity to install fresh, healthy sod. Warm season sods like Zoysia, Centipede, and Bermuda variations can be installed while they are dormant during the winter. There are many benefits to choosing this strategy!

Winter Sod Installation Saves Water

Dormant sods require less water as they take root, so you can take comfort in the fact that your water bill won’t skyrocket! Though you will need to water your dormant sod immediately after installation and through dormancy to ensure it stays moist until the spring, the overall volume of water required to achieve that goal will be significantly less. Just be sure to keep your dormant sod consistently moist in cold, dry winds, since they can rapidly dry out and kill your sod.

Winter Sod Installation in Florida Eliminates Mud and Erosion

If you have a bare yard, you don’t want to risk mud and erosion over the winter. Installing dormant sod is a much better option. It will protect your yard, improve your property’s curb appeal, and give you an instantly beautiful lawn once spring rolls around. You can enjoy a finished lawn without the hassle!

No Worries of Weeds with Winter Installation

It is true that weeds will likely sprout in your sod over the winter, since application of fertilizer is not recommended until the spring. The good news is that the weeds won’t stick around for very long! As soon as the spring rolls around and enables you to apply fertilizer, those weeds will disappear from view and leave you with a beautiful lawn.

Of course, winter sod installation in Florida should only be completed by a trusted expert. At Council Growers Sod in Tampa, Florida, the Council family only delivers local, freshly harvested sod of the highest quality. Call (813) 633-8665 to learn more today!