The Best Time to Plant Sod in Florida

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We enjoy so many benefits living here in the Sunshine State, and the ease of keeping a gorgeously green and lush lawn is one of them! Florida’s climate Florida is…

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Why You Should Hire Professional to Maintain Your Lawn

Your lawn is a big investment! When you make the decision to lay down new sod, you’re making a huge time and money commitment that hinges on proper care. The best way to care for that new lawn is by hiring professional lawn care services. Here, we’ll talk about all of the reasons why hiring a professional is beneficial for your wallet and precious time.

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Understanding the Different Varieties of Sod

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When choosing the best sod for your lawn, you’ll be surprised at the number of options available. Each variety of sod performs best in different situations, so choosing one just because you like the way it looks isn’t a great strategy. Our team of sod experts here at Council Growers Sod can help you select the ideal sod for your yard’s soil, sunlight, and moisture conditions. We offer several varieties of sod to meet every homeowner’s needs, including: Empire Zoysia Many Floridians consider Zoysiagrass to be the gold standard for Sunshine State lawns, and Empire is the best of them all. Empire Zoysia grows slowly and evenly, reducing your required mows to just once every 1-2 weeks in the summer months. It’s also drought and chinch bug resistant. The fine blades of grass grown with Empire feel great under bare feet and hold up to traffic well, making it a superb choice for yards that get heavy use.

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Caring for Your ProVista St. Augustine Lawn During the Fall

One of the best things about Scotts ProVista St. Augustine grass is how amazing it looks all year long. With proper care and maintenance, your ProVista lawn will stay green and lush throughout all of Florida’s seasons. After dealing with the scorching heat and bright sun during summer here in the Sunshine State, your ProVista lawn needs some special attention as fall begins. Fertilization Florida’s extremely hot summers can suck the life out of your lawn, so it’s important to replenish its nutrients in early autumn to avoid excessive or early browning as the temperature drops. Scotts recommends using their nitrogen-rich Southern Triple Action fertilizer as autumn begins, which is designed specifically for southern lawns. This fertilizer also knocks out any ant infestations in your yard and reduces the growth of cool weather weeds.

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Does a ProVista Lawn Perform Well in Shaded Areas?

Many factors come into play when deciding what type of sod to purchase for your new lawn. Watering, fertilization, and mowing requirements are all important to consider if you want your lawn to look its best. But, one thing that is often overlooked until it is too late is your new lawn’s sunlight requirements. For years, homeowners have dealt with uneven growth in sunny and shady areas of their lawns, or even been forced to use two different types of grass to keep the entire yard lush and green. This is an even bigger problem here in Florida, where lawns often stay active and green all year, and there’s no colder dormant season to slow down grass growing in sunny areas.

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How to Maintain Your ProVista Lawn

If you want a lawn that turns your neighbors green with envy, Scotts ProVista St. Augustine sod is an excellent choice. ProVista has decades of research dedicated to its development, building on the superior Floratam genetics that St. Augustine grass fanatics love. A new Scotts ProVista lawn is an investment in your home’s curb appeal that can actually raise the value of your property. By learning the basics of watering, mowing, and fertilizing your ProVista lawn, you’ll keep that investment looking great all year long. Watering You should water your ProVista lawn with ¾” of water coverage spread evenly over the entire area. Water once per week for most of the year, but increase to twice per week during the hottest summer months. Be careful not to over-water your lawn, as this can lead to disease and fungus growth. We highly recommend installing an automatic sprinkler system to make sure your ProVista lawn gets exactly the right amount of water.

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Benefits of ProVista St. Augustine Sod

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St. Augustine grass is a mainstay here in Florida. Scott’s new ProVista St. Augustine sod is the next generation of St. Augustine grass, providing even more benefits than traditional St. Augustine floratam. Available only here in the Sunshine State, ProVista promises to deliver a uniformly green, dense, lush lawn with minimal effort. Council Growers Sod is proud to sell this revolutionary St. Augustine sod. It’s designed perfectly for the Florida climate, ensuring our customers will be 100% satisfied with their newly sodded lawn. How is ProVista better than traditional St. Augustine grass? Specifically engineered to thrive in the hot Florida sun, Scott’s ProVista St. Augustine sod: Saves on mowing costs For just a small premium per square foot, you’ll enjoy dense, thick, slow-growing St. Augustine grass that requires 50% less mowing. That’s 50% more time with your family, 50% less back-breaking work, and 50% less ozone-damaging carbon released into the air. To sum it up monetarily, it adds up to an estimated $1,800 per acre per year in savings! This makes the upfront investment well worth it after only a short time.

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Watering a ProVista Lawn

Scotts ProVista St. Augustine grass is perfect for Florida’s weather. It thrives in our intense sun and smothering humidity. Even though ProVista is tough enough for a Florida summer, it still needs regular watering to look its best. Lucky for homeowners making the cost-effective switch to ProVista, there is really no learning curve when learning how to water properly. The same guidelines used for traditional St. Augustine floratam can be followed with ProVista. During the hottest summer months, water your lawn at least twice per week. Provide ¾” of water during each watering session, penetrating deeply and spread evenly out across the entire lawn. From late fall to early spring, watering may only be required once per week, in the same ¾” amount. Avoid watering during a period of rain or immediately after applying fertilizer.

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Do I need an irrigation system for my new grass?

Now that you’ve got that gorgeous new sod installed, it’s all about keeping it looking great. After buying the sod,  you may be tempted to cut costs by skipping the automatic sprinklers and watering everything by hand instead. Don’t do it! Automatic sprinklers protect your investment and keep your yard looking healthy and green all year. Automatic sprinkler systems are worth the extra cost because: They keep your lawn beautiful all year. You don’t have to settle for a brown, patchy lawn during the hotter months of the year. Adequate watering at the proper time is essential to keeping your grass green, rich, and dense all year long. You paid a lot for that lawn, so give your investment the care it needs to look its best!

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