Autumn is the Ultimate Time to Install Your New Sod

Wholesale and Commercial Sod 1It’s that time of year again! As the Holiday Season quickly approaches, it is the ultimate time to install brand new sod on your Florida lawn. The type of grass growing in your front yard has a major impact on the overall curb appeal of your house, so by selecting a premium type of sod and strategically installing it in autumn’s cooler temperatures, you can transform the look and feel of your property.

Why Choose Sod?

You have many choices when it comes to maintaining the grass around your yard. You could try to cultivate the natural grass already growing, but most Florida homeowners find this to be extremely challenging. You could also opt for seed, but successfully growing a beautiful lawn from seed is a very long and difficult process threatened by everything from birds and wind to heavy rain. Sod is really the easiest, most affordable, and most convenient option available! Autumn has finally arrived, so why wait?

Why Is Autumn the Best Time to Install Sod?

Sod is mature lawn that has been professionally grown on a farm. It is cut into thick rolls complete with all underlying soil and roots, then transported to your property and unrolled into an “instant lawn.” Though the visual appearance of sod is instantly achieved, great care must be taken at the time of planting and long after in order to help your sod survive and thrive. Autumn provides the best climate for sod installation since the temperature is cooler but grass is still able to grow.

Preparing For a Successful Installation

Laying sod isn’t quite as simple as just unrolling the sod and letting it sit on the ground. Your yard must first be prepped to remove all rocks, debris, and weeds. Soil needs to be aerated, not compacted, and the land needs to be graded to allow for water drainage. Any soil deficiencies must be corrected before sod installation, and the same goes for the pH levels of soil. Nitrogen and trace minerals are important supplements to resolve imbalances and encourage root growth. Since sod rolls are living plants, they need to be laid quickly after they are cut, preferably within 24 hours after harvest.

You are an expert on many things, but sod installation may not be one of them! Allow your local sod team at Council Growers Sod to handle the entire sod laying process for you. As Tampa’s premier sod pickup, delivery, and installation company, Council Growers Sod offers locally grown sod of the very highest quality. Call (813) 633-8665 today to plan for your property’s new, attractive sod.