Benefits of ProVista St. Augustine Sod

St. Augustine Sod
St. Augustine Sod

Benefits of ProVista St. Augustine Sod

St. Augustine grass is a mainstay here in Florida. Scott’s new ProVista St. Augustine sod is the next generation of St. Augustine grass, providing even more benefits than traditional St. Augustine floratam. Available only here in the Sunshine State, ProVista promises to deliver a uniformly green, dense, lush lawn with minimal effort. Council Growers Sod is proud to sell this revolutionary St. Augustine sod. It’s designed perfectly for the Florida climate, ensuring our customers will be 100% satisfied with their newly sodded lawn.

How is ProVista better than traditional St. Augustine grass? Specifically engineered to thrive in the hot Florida sun, Scott’s ProVista St. Augustine sod:

  • Saves on mowing costs

For just a small premium per square foot, you’ll enjoy dense, thick, slow-growing St. Augustine grass that requires 50% less mowing. That’s 50% more time with your family, 50% less back-breaking work, and 50% less ozone-damaging carbon released into the air. To sum it up monetarily, it adds up to an estimated $1,800 per acre per year in savings! This makes the upfront investment well worth it after only a short time.

  • Uses less fertilizer

Fertilizer use is a hot topic here in Florida. Some cities and counties, especially those near the Gulf, have even banned fertilizer use at certain times of the year. The algae bloom caused by fertilizer runoff disrupts the local marine life and could have severe long-term implications we do not yet know. Scott’s ProVista St. Augustine sod is designed to require less fertilizer, helping you stay in compliance with local ordinances without sacrificing your curb appeal.

  • Requires less weed control

Scott’s ProVista St. Augustine sod starts clean and stays clean. ProVista is a dense, thick sod that blocks grassy and broadleaf weeds from taking over your lawn. But what about those aggressive breakthrough weeds? That’s the beauty of ProVista. It is designed to be resistant to non-selective herbicides, meaning you can spray the invading weeds directly without damaging the turf. It’s a game-changer in weed control!

  • Grows uniformly in sun and shade

An issue with any lawn that has areas of sun and shade is uneven growth. Sunny patches grow dramatically faster than shady areas. This gives your lawn an irregular appearance that requires either mowing when part of the yard doesn’t need it or allowing sunny areas to grow too long. Both of these scenarios can lead to turf damage. ProVista corrects this problem with its slow-growing grass that grows more evenly in lawns with sun and shade.

  • Is available for new construction or existing lawn conversions

It’s simple to install Scott’s ProVista St. Augustine sod in a new development or convert your existing lawn. For existing lawns, the current grass cover must be removed or killed before installing ProVista. For all installations, sod should be laid as soon as possible after harvest. The cost-effectiveness of ProVista makes it the perfect lawn for all residential and commercial applications.

Your lawn is a big investment, so don’t trust it to just anyone. If you’re interested in the ProVista St. Augustine sod, our sod experts can answer all your questions and schedule an estimate. Council Growers Sod has been serving the Tampa Bay area for over 30 years, completing sod installations from small yards to huge developments. Call us at (813) 633-8665 to find out how our sod can transform your yard today!