What Happens to Grass if You Don’t Mow Your Lawn

You know that you are supposed to mow your lawn on a regular basis, usually at least once a week in the spring and summer, but lately there have been movements trying to eliminate mowing for a month at a time. While this could be tempting, it is important that you continue to mow your lawn if you want it to remain healthy. Here’s why. Infrequent Mowing Hurts the Grass When Cut The longer the blades of grass become, the more resources it becomes used to consuming. If you suddenly cut the grass by a few inches all at once, it’s going to be shocked as it suddenly needs fewer resources. This can sometimes kill your grass if it is unable to recover. Sometimes it needs additional irrigation to recover fully.

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Is Fertilizing Your Lawn Necessary?

Whether or not you need to fertilize your lawn depends on several factors. For the most part, Florida lawns can benefit from fertilizer to keep grass exceptionally green and lush. It is important that if you fertilize that you use the right fertilizer mix for your type of turf, as well as using the fertilizer at the right time of the year. If you have rich soil with lots of nutrients, you may not need to worry about fertilizing. When you get your sod installed, talk to the professionals working on your lawn about whether or not they believe you will need to fertilize based on your turf type and soil type.

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How Often Will I Need to Mow My Yard?

As spring arrives, Florida grasses begin to grow very quickly. Between the warmer weather and spring rains, your grass is going to grow the most from April to June. This could mean more frequent mowings than during the rest of the year. But how often will you actually have to mow your yard? It depends on the weather and the type of grass you have.  For most yards, mowing once a week is generally sufficient. If there is a lot of rain one week causing increased growth, you may need to mow twice a week. However, you shouldn’t mow while the grass is wet to protect your lawn care equipment. You should also avoid letting grass get too high before mowing so that you have less wear on your lawn mower.

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How Much Water Does My Grass Need?

Many people are surprised at how little water their grass needs. In fact, your turf does not need to be watered every day, or maybe even every week. How much you water your lawn depends on several factors, including municipal restrictions, weather patterns, and type of grass. Here’s what you need to know to water your lawn appropriately. How Much Water Does Grass Need? Water is necessary for grass to thrive; but if you water too much you can flood and kill the root systems, so it is important not to water too much. As a general rule, you want no more than ¾ inches of water delivered to your lawn, no more than twice a week, at least in the spring. You may need to water more frequently in the drier winter months.

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Why Now Is the Best Time for Spring Plantings

Planting new sod needs to be done properly if you want to have a healthy, flourishing lawn. That means you need to make sure that you are planting sod at the best time of year. Although you can plant sod anytime of the year in Florida, spring is best. Here’s what you need to know. Spring Growth Spring is the time of year that grass grows the most in Florida. Planting sod during this time means that the sod will be able to form deep, healthy roots quickly so that your lawn looks its best. The grass will grow quickly once the root system is established, which will lead to lush, green grass for your family to enjoy.

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Checking Your Irrigation Systems

With the onset of spring, it is time to check your irrigation systems for your lawn to make sure everything is set up correctly. Proper watering of your lawn is important for making sure that your grass is healthy and green.  There are several things you need to do to prepare your irrigation system for spring. Here are some steps to follow.

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The Best Sods for Spring Planting

For the most popular Florida grasses, spring to early fall is the best time to install fresh sod in your lawn. However, not every type of sod is good to plant in the spring. Some are better to plant in the full sun of summer. Here are three of the best sods for spring planting in Florida. Scott’s Provista St. Augustine There are several different types of St. Augustine turf, and most of them are suitable for planting in the spring. We single out Scott’s Provista because it has excellent weed control. It is also a very low maintenance grass that you won’t have to mow too frequently. Scott’s Provista is suitable for full sun or partial shade.

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Planning Your Garden Before Laying Sod

Spring is here, and it is time to start getting your new plantings in the ground. Among other considerations, you may be realizing that you need new sod for your lawn. It is important to do these things in the proper order so that you don’t have too much wasted time or money.  The first thing you need to do before getting sod is to plan out your lawn and garden. If you are going to be installing new trees and shrubs, this should be done before you lay your sod. But another important part of planning your yard is plotting where your garden will be.

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Which Should Be Planted First—Trees and Shrubs or Fresh Sod?

Now is the time of year that everyone is thinking about revamping their landscaping. It is important to think of your landscaping in two parts—softscaping and hardscaping. Softscaping is the trees, shrubs, and other plants that you incorporate into your landscape, while sod is considered hardscaping. Sod is a more permanent fixture in your yard, and it has less ability to recover. When it comes to landscaping, it is important to plant your trees and shrubs, as well as plot your gardens, before you lay the fresh sod. There are several reasons for this. First, you don’t want to pay for more sod than you need. When sod is laid around the softscaping, it takes less sod to cover the yard, and you won’t be digging up and throwing out sod that you don’t need.

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Spring Gardening: The Best New Plantings for Florida

Spring has sprung, the sun is shining, the spring rains have started moistening the soil, and plants everywhere are sprouting. Now is the best time to start new plantings in your Florida garden. To get you started, here are some of the best plants for Florida gardens. Pentas Pentas are a great spring planting for Florida gardens. They are one of the most low-maintenance plants that you can put in your garden. They feature red, pink, lavender, and/or white clusters. They also attract beautiful butterflies and hummingbirds. In fact, they attract the zebra longwing butterfly, which is the state butterfly.

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