Buyer’s Guide to Sod

Buyer’s Guide to Sod

When deciding between sod and grass, a great alternative for your lawn that eliminates seeding is sod. It’s fast and easy to get a gorgeous lawn with it.

What Is Sod?

In simplest terms, sod is fitted and cut pieces of living grass that’s soil-ready for your lawn. Sod is great for placement during any season because its roots are already formed. Those roots are the product of the care and development of the professionals who grow it, so it’s important to go with growers who know sod and grass.

The best quality sod can be drought resistant, protect itself from insects and disease and produce rich greenery, and have firmly grown and knitted roots to keep its continuity. When it’s done right, sod can give you an amazing lawn in no time.

Where to Buy Sod

You can always go to the gardening section of your local home improvement store, but you will want to go with specialists to get the best quality sod.  Farmers and companies that specifically produce sod will have a wider range of options, understand your lawn and its needs and know what type is best for your geographic area.

You can lay the sod yourself, or you can have the company do that for you. It’s your call, but an agency will know best how to store and protect the sod between purchase and installation.

You will be able to vet the sod you purchase by checking its roots and finding out when it was harvested, but for more about a company’s practices, you’ll have to seek out those with experience.

Getting Started on Sod for Your Lawn

Between sod and grass, the lawn that will be lush fastest with the least amount of work is sod. It’s easy to get your lawn started today when you lay out sod.