The Proper way to Fertilize ProVista Sod

Fertilize ProVista Sod The Proper way to Fertilize ProVista Sod One of the beautiful things about Scotts ProVista sod is that it uses 20% less fertilizer when properly maintained. If you are looking at fertilizing several acres of lawn, 20% less fertilizer can add up to a lot of savings each year. Once your sod has established roots, usually 4-6 weeks after installation, you’ll want to start fertilizing on a schedule. Fertilize your Scotts ProVista sod three times each year, in the early spring, early summer, and mid to late fall. Keeping Tampa area fertilizer restrictions in mind, be sure to apply the summer fertilizer before June 1 each year, and don’t apply the fall fertilizer until after September 30. Scotts recommends the following schedule and products:

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Difference Between Natural Fertilizer and Chemical Fertilizer

Natural Fertilizer Sod needs ongoing care to thrive, including the use of fertilizer. It’s important to understand the difference between natural fertilizer and chemical fertilizer so that you can make the best choice for your yard. The right fertilizer application will help to keep your lawn thick, healthy, and green.  What Is Natural Fertilizer? Natural fertilizer is often referred to as organic fertilizer. It forms through the decomposition of plants, animal waste, and minerals. You can make it yourself or purchase it. 

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Is Fertilizing Your Lawn Necessary?

Whether or not you need to fertilize your lawn depends on several factors. For the most part, Florida lawns can benefit from fertilizer to keep grass exceptionally green and lush. It is important that if you fertilize that you use the right fertilizer mix for your type of turf, as well as using the fertilizer at the right time of the year. If you have rich soil with lots of nutrients, you may not need to worry about fertilizing. When you get your sod installed, talk to the professionals working on your lawn about whether or not they believe you will need to fertilize based on your turf type and soil type.

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