Council Growers Featured on Channel 10 Action News

It’s always been a challenge for smaller family farms to remain competitive. Today, this is truer than ever before. In addition to facing down larger farms, operations like Council Growers face labor shortages and increased labor costs.

Fortunately, the Council Growers Sod farm is forging ahead, something that should come as no surprise. Adaptability is part of the farm’s DNA. In the 100 years that we’ve been in operation, we’ve moved from farming tomatoes, citrus, and other crops to growing sod for residents and business owners, as well as government entities.

Now, we are investing in modernization. We’ve purchased one piece of equipment that is a true game-changer. Our automatic sod harvester is driven through the fields, where it cuts, stacks, and moves perfect squares of sod. The finished stacks of squares are delivered to retail and commercial customers.

Innovation is the key to keeping up with consumer demand, especially when it comes to agriculture. As demands shift, we’re determined to continue delivering excellent service to our customers by investing in new tools and technologies. By investing in automated tools, we’ve been able to work around the labor shortages in the local area while continuing to sell a high-quality product.

It may be challenging for a smaller farm to remain competitive, but at Council Growers, we are holding our own and seeking to modernize to meet the market’s changing demands. This commitment to excellence and adaptation has allowed our farm to weather the last 100 years, including the difficulties of the pandemic.

With an eye to the future, we’re excited to continue to serve the Bay Area community and customers around the nation well through the next 100 years.