Fall Turf Installation: Why Now Is the Right Time to Install Your New Lawn

You may think that summer is the time to take care of yard work and lawn projects. But in reality, fall that is more suitable for installing new turf grass. There are several reasons that you should wait until fall to start your lawn projects. The cooler temperatures, the lower humidity, and other factors make fall the best time to install turf grass.

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Lower Humidity

The lower humidity in fall will help your new sod from developing fungus, mold, or other conditions that can come about from too much moisture. Although it is important to keep sod moist while you are waiting for it to grow its root system, it is also vital that you do not let the sod get too moist to prevent disease and rot. In the fall, it is much easier to regulate moisture because you will be dealing with much lower humidity, even though you will still have occasional rainfall.

Lower Disease Pressure

The cooler temperatures and lower humidity also mean that the disease pressure that causes new turf to fail is also much lower. You are much less likely to end up with diseased grass that cannot thrive if you install it during the fall.

Cooler Temperatures

Cooler temperatures are good for your turf grass installation for several reasons. With cooler temperatures, there is less chance of your sod overheating or drying out. It will also be easier to keep it moist because the cooler temperatures keep moisture locked into the turf. You will want to plan ahead, though, because you should start installation at least four to six weeks before the frost. 

If you are interested in installing new turf grass this fall, we recommend the new Provost turf. Contact us today for more information.