GeoZoysia GeoZoysia Fine Turfgrass

One of the most beautiful and tolerant grasses for an exceptional lawn is the GeoZoysia Fine turfgrass. Known for its rich, green color, GeoZyosia is a popular choice for both golf courses and residential lawns in warm weather regions, offering a luscious turf that can withstand shady areas, heavy foot traffic and high heat. With its dense growth and quick recovery, it is suitable for many lawn applications. This fine-blade grass with a leaf width of about 2 millimeters is well suited for sandy or clay soils and can be a perfect fit for lawns with limited turf.


The GeoZoysia fine turfgrass is fairly new on the market compared to many other varieties. However, it an can be an excellent choice for Florida home and business owners looking for a professional grade lawn. Geo is one of the most tolerant of the zoysia grasses, handling shade better than other varieties, needing only as little as four hours a day of sunlight a day. In addition, it can maintain its beauty even after drought conditions and stands up to higher traffic, which is quickly making it a popular choice for warm weather areas.


With seasonal maintenance, GeoZoysia can stay beautiful year round. This turfgrass requires about 1 to 1 ¼ inches of water per week to keep it lush, more in sandy soils. It is common for the leaves to begin to become a lighter green or grayish color and to narrow when they are in need of watering. The ideal mowing level for this variety is between one and two inches, with poorer results when allowed to grow to heights above two inches. With a little maintenance, Geo Zoysia can provide a beautiful, vibrant green lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood.