How To Care for Your Bermuda Lawn in the Winter

How To Care for Your Bermuda Lawn in the Winter

If you’re determined to equip your yard with the perfect green grass, Bermuda may be your solution. If you’re determined to equp your yard with a drought hardy grass, a Bermuda lawn may be your solution.

This southern sod offers a host of benefits over other alternatives, and it can even be installed and nurtured to health during the mid-Florida winter! 

Bermuda Lawn

A Quick Introduction to Sod

Turf grass is planted on a farm and then removed carefully from the ground in sections that are held together by the roots. This allows the sod to be replanted instantly on a new surface like your lawn. Since the sod is fully matured, it simply rolls out onto your yard looking beautiful. Overall, planting sod is the simplest way to obtain a perfect lawn.

Sod is available in many forms that offer unique perks based on location and purpose. Bermuda grass, for example, is one of the most popular warm weather sod varieties among homeowners. This highly adaptable perennial has a fine texture with thin blades that grow up to 16 cm long. It offers more wear tolerance than most other sod varieties.

Bermuda Grass Maintenance in the Winter

During September, October, November, and December, follow these tips to take the best care of your Bermuda grass sod:

  • Mow to normal height until the temperature falls below 70 degrees. Then, raise the mower to allow slightly longer grass.
  • Do not apply nitrogen in fertilizer. Apply potassium to enhance winter hardiness. 
  • If rainfall is inconsistent, water to prevent dehydration.

In February prepare for the warmer weather by aerating small holes into your sod, applying weed control, and mowing with a sharp blade. 

Why Is Brown Sod Okay?

During the winter in Florida, it is actually normal to see brown sod. Cold temperatures and frost cause the brown, but this doesn’t actually harm sod in the long run. It simply shows that the sod is essentially hibernating. As long as your Bermuda grass is properly watered, fertilized, and prepared for warmer weather, the brown will give way to a beautiful, lush, green color in the spring. 

Purchasing local sod is a smart and affordable decision, especially when you purchase from Council Growers Sod. At Council Growers, we grow our sod in the outlying areas of Tampa Bay that get colder during winter nights, but our carefully nurtured grass will always thrive once installed in your yard! Call (813) 633-8665 now to learn more.