How to Choose the Right Sod for Your Lawn

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Right Sod for Your Lawn

How to Choose the Right Sod for Your Lawn

Now that you’ve made the decision to lay new sod, you may be overwhelmed at the number of choices available for your project. Choosing the correct type of sod for your lawn depends on many variables, which can narrow down your choices greatly. Consider the following elements when choosing a sod variety for your lawn:


The temperature, humidity, and other weather conditions that prevail in your location are probably the greatest determining factor in sod selection. Here in Florida, our hot and humid weather is perfect for the warm season grasses like St. Augustine, Zoysiagrass, Bermuda grass, and Bahiagrass.

Soil Condition

Don’t forget to check the condition of your soil before making any decisions. Do a soil test and choose your sod variety accordingly. If your soil is in tip-top shape, you can choose from any of the warm season grasses. If your soil is less than ideal, you may want to go with a vigorous and forgiving variety like Bahiagrass.


Is the area you intend to sod in sunlight or shade all day? Some sod varieties do great in lawns that get uneven amounts of sun and shade (think ProVista® St. Augustine), while others may prefer direct sunlight.


If the area you intend to sod will need to stand up to a lot of foot traffic, choose a tough, yet beautiful bermuda grass variety. Here at Council Growers Sod, we offer Tifway 419, Celebration, and Bimini bermuda sod varieties!

Care Requirements

How much time and effort do you want to put into your lawn once the sod is laid? If you already have a full schedule and little time for yard work, avoid high maintenance grass varieties and instead, opt for our lower maintenance choices, like ProVista® St. Augustine, Bahiagrass, or even our Ecoturf Perennial Peanut.

The Best Sod in Tampa Bay

No matter which grass you choose, Council Growers Sod in Tampa Bay has a sod variety to meet your needs. Call us at (813) 633-8665 or contact us online to find out more about our high-quality sod varieties!