How to Prepare Your Yard for Sod

The appearance of your yard is one of the most powerful components of the overall curb appeal of your home. Brown, spotty, overgrown, or dying grass will make even the most beautiful house look rundown and neglected. If your grass simply doesn’t offer the attractive presence that you want for your home, installing sod can change all of that.


Why Choose Sod?


Sod is the clear choice for many homeowners in Florida, because it offers an overnight transformation for your home and curb appeal. Since fresh sod is so healthy, weeds can’t grow as easily, and installed sod requires less maintenance than grass seed. This means less maintenance and more immediate use! Even better, sod reduces dirt and allergens that get tracked into the house.


Prepping Your Yard For Sod


Laying sod isn’t quite as easy as simply laying a carpet on the floor. It requires preparation, and the better your preparation, the more attractive your final product. First and foremost, select a sod that is known to thrive in your specific climate and amount of sunlight. Some types of sod grow better than others in the shade, and some can endure chillier weather with more success. Empire Zoysia, Floratam St. Augustine, and Celebration Bermuda are just a few of the most popular sods utilized in the mild Florida climate.


Next, start pampering your soil so it contains balanced nutrients and holds a pH between 6.0 and 7.0. Since the soil will directly determine your new sod’s ability to flourish, this step cannot be ignored. Limestone can raise low pH levels if needed, and compost can provide important nutrients. During this step of the process, it is also important to roughly grade your lawn to eliminate drainage problems.


Hiring the Right Company


A professional and local sod farm will deliver and install your sod to ensure it is properly placed, rooted, and ready to grow. Council Growers Sod, located in the Tampa Bay Area, has been farming sod since the 1980s and provides all customers with the highest quality sod directly from the farm. Call them today at 813-633-8665 to start your own sod installation process!