How to Repair a Bumpy Yard

Bumpy yards can make cutting the grass difficult. Bumps and dips can also create safety hazards that lead to sprained ankles. If you have a few uneven spots in your yard, you can use this technique to level them without damaging your sod.


Step One: Make the Incision


Use a half moon cutter to make two incisions through the middle of the bump. The incisions should intersect at a 90 degree angle, making four flaps.


Step Two: Remove the Turf


Use a spade to lift the flaps from the ground. Pay close attention so you do not damage the grass. Ideally, you want to fold all four flaps out without breaking the sod.


Step Three: Fill in the Bumps


Fill the hole with dirt and rake it until even. Choose high quality top soil for this. You need healthy dirt for a healthy lawn.


Spray the dirt with some water to help it settle.


Step Four: Replace the Sod


Now that you have filled the hole, you can replace the sod by folding the flaps back to the center. Use the back of a hoe or rake to tamp the folds into place. If you have followed the above directions carefully, it should look like someone cut a cross in your lawn.


Watering the sod will help the grass grow back. The small area of missing grass should repair itself within a few weeks.


If you accidentally killed a small area of grass, you may want to replace that area with new sod or use seed to fill in the gap.


This surgical approach to fixing bumpy lawns can help you save money and time. Instead of hiring a contractor to level your entire yard at once, you can do much of the work yourself by focusing on problem areas.