How to Take Advantage of Rain in Poorly Irrigated Areas

104825922 sIf you’re working with a budget for your sprinkler system and lawn maintenance, you might be looking to minimize the number of sprinklers on your property. While this is entirely possible, it does require some careful planning. With the right resources, you can easily design irrigation to take advantage of rain while limiting the number of overall sprinklers.

Assess your lawn’s natural irrigation.

If you don’t use sprinklers, how does water distribute and run through your yard when it rains? What areas of your lawn are damper or spongier after a good rain? Are there any areas of your lawn that don’t seem to get much natural water at all? All of this information is necessary for determining where to place your sprinklers.

Start with the dry spots.

Every lawn is going to have areas that are drier than the rest of the lawn. These areas might be shaded, elevated, or otherwise removed from the natural flow of water through the land. Put your sprinklers in these areas first.

Work your way out.

Once you have the driest spots of your yard covered, you need to work your way out to the least concerning areas. By doing this, you will take advantage of the natural rainfall. You will also be able to run only certain sprinklers, so that if the rest of your lawn is well saturated from rain you can run only the sprinklers in the driest parts of the lawn.

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