What You Should Know About Sod and the Florida Environment

What You Should Know About Sod and the Florida Environment

What You Should Know About Sod and the Florida Environment

The Florida climate presents unique benefits and challenges when installing and nurturing sod.

 It’s important to understand how the Florida environment impacts sod so that you can take the right measures to protect your sod and encourage lasting growth. 

Protect Your New Sod from Disease

Even in a well-established lawn, humidity and heat can be a breeding ground for fungal disease. New sod is especially susceptible because it does not have established roots. There isn’t anything you can do about the level of humidity in the Tampa area, but there are some things you can do to try to protect your grass.

First, remove large tree branches or other unnecessary landscaping elements. This will allow more airflow to get to the grass. This airflow keeps the grass drier, which prevents the formation of fungal diseases. You should also avoid extra watering of your sod during this time of year.

When To Water Your Florida Sod

Finding the perfect time to water your Florida sod will depend on the time of year, the weather, and how rain affects your lawn. Some lawns allow the rainwater to run off the property, preventing it from over-soaking or eroding the soil. These lawns need to be watered roughly twice a week.

Even if your lawn gets a decent amount of moisture from average rainfall, you will likely have to have an irrigation solution in place to keep it healthy and thriving.

The Best Sods for the Tampa Region

The sods that thrive in northern states don’t perform well in the south. These are the most popular sods in Florida:

  1. Scott’s Provista St. Augustine—This strain of St. Augustine grass is hardier, requires less watering, and requires less mowing than other types of St. Augustine turf. It is also weed resistant.
  2. Celebration Bermuda—Some people consider Bermuda grass a weed, but others enjoy having this type of low-maintenance and hardy grass. Our favorite type is Celebration Bermuda, which is very drought tolerant, requiring much less watering. 
  3. Empire Zoysia—If you have active children, pets, or other frequent traffic across your lawn, this can be the best option. Zoysia grass is very tolerant of traffic, shade, and salt. It does require weekly mowing, but it stands up to abuse.

For more help selecting the best sod for your Florida home, contact Council Growers Sod in Tampa. Our team has decades of experience cultivating high-quality sod with beautiful results.  Call (813) 633-8665 to learn more and schedule a sod appointment today. The Council team is here to guide you through your sod purchase for optimal results.