Bahia is a tough, hardy turf grass for full sun that once established, produces a nice lawn or landscape. Bahia or field grass as it is known will need a fair amount grooming and care initially as it is not harvested in a traditional sod field from a sod farm. Typically cut out of a pasture with no irrigation, Bahia is subject to come to your yard with some weeds and bugs. The quality and color of the grass is greatly dependent on the time of year and rainfall leading up to the harvest of the sod. Low amounts of moisture in the soil will result in the sod pieces not holding together when they are handled, sometimes making a sod installation project a much more difficult and time consuming job. Lack of rain can also cause the grass to be brown when delivered to you. However, once it is installed in your yard and it is watered regularly, it should green up and take root nicely. While it may be said that it doesn’t need irrigation, to stay healthy it will need regular watering just as any sod would.

Watch the Video on How to Care for a Bahia Grass Lawn