Ecoturf is a tough, hardy plant for full sun that once established, produces great lower maintenance turf grass alternative. Perennial Peanut or Ecoturf, as one variety is known, will need a fair amount of water and care when first laid. It is also typical to see at least a one month shock period in which the peanut will go “downhill” before recovering.


Mow 4 inches as needed to promote flowering and uniformity, twice a year or more as needed.


Water requirements are greatly dependent on soil type, season, geography, and other factors. Typically the drier months are the only crucial periods for supplemental watering. When establishing perennial peanut watering is critical to promote its spread.


Since perennial peanut is a legume it produces its own Nitrogen, so limit fertilizer application to Potassium and minor elements applications. We would recommend a 0-0-22-22S-11Mg.


Occasionally worms may be a problem, but as a general rule no insecticide treatment is needed.


Managing weeds is the most critical step in growing a beautiful perennial peanut lawn. When necessary, the following herbicides are recommended by the University of Florida. As always, please read and follow the label directions. For grassy weeds such as crabgrass, bermudagrass, and bahiagrass, the herbicides Fusilade®, Poast®, Select®, and Prism® are cleared for use during establishment. Basagran® is effective for control of yellow nutsedge as well as a few other select broadleaved weeds. It is approved for use on perennial peanut during establishment. Please see our links below for more info as well.

Always follow the label, these herbicides are simply suggestions. They may or may not be legal to use on your perennial peanut.