Nashville Gets a New Baseball Stadium

Baseball fans in Nashville who value real sod over artificial turf  have something to look forward to as the local minor league baseball team completes its new stadium. First Tennessee Park, where the Nashville Sounds will play home games, is nearing completion as construction crews finish laying the sod and installing home plate.

First Tennessee Park will replace Sulphur Dell ballpark, which has been used by many teams, including the Nashville Vols. The updated stadium is just a couple miles from the Sound’s earlier home Herschel Greer Stadium. The new stadium will include numerous repairs and upgrades.

Construction started on First Tennessee Park during January 2014. About half a year later, construction was on schedule. There is some anxiety as the stadium’s completion draws near. The Sounds are scheduled to play the Colorado Springs Sky Sox in mid-April. With less than a month remaining, construction crews must tackle the remaining details in a hurry without letting their work get sloppy.

The Advantages of Choosing Sod

Some baseball teams choose artificial turf for their playing fields. Artificial turf doesn’t require as much maintenance, so it can potentially lower a stadium’s operating cost.

Real grass might require a little more work, but nothing can match its beauty. Using sod offers the same beauty without all the fuss. Grass seed can take weeks to germinate and take root. Regular grass can also cause delays as teams wait for roots to dig deep enough into the dirt to tolerate running and sliding.

Since sod comes as grown grass, baseball teams don’t need to worry about the wait. Sod offers the beauty of real grass and the convenience of artificial turf. It’s a win-win situation for any team that takes great pride in its stadium. Soon, Nashville’s baseball fans will have a chance to watch their home team in one of the country’s nicest stadiums.