Fresh Sod Purchase in Plant City

Did you just purchase or build a home or office in Plant City? If so, you are probably going to need some assistance with landscaping, new or otherwise. When it comes to grass and turf, the best way to go is fresh sod installation in Plant City. 

Some of the benefits of our fresh sod installation in Plant City are:

  • Immediate curb appeal
  • Easily accommodating to landscaping features (trees, shrubs, bushes, gardens, etc.)
  • Choose from a wide range of grass and turf varieties to plant the best one for you.
  • Easy and fast installation, just roll out like carpet

As experts in our field with local Tampa region farms, we are able to provide you with the healthiest turf that is well suited for Plant City climate and soil types. Our sod is disease free and resistant to rot, weeds, and pests. With a beneficial watering and mowing schedule and timely fertilizing, your new sod will keep your lawn looking beautiful for years. 

We offer many different grass varieties to meet different maintenance and usage requirements. We can help you determine the best variety for you from options such as Scott’s Provista St. Augustine, Celebration Bermuda, or perennial peanut. 

You can easily install your own fresh sod with very little trouble, especially if you don’t need to take extra measurements or cuts for trees or bushes. We are more than happy to install your fresh sod for you at your property in Plant City. We can usually install your sod within just one day.

If you are in Plant City and want locally grown sod for your landscaping needs, contact us today for more information.