Seasonal Guide for Caring for a ProVista Lawn

ProVista Lawn

Seasonal Guide for Caring for a ProVista Lawn

Once you’ve decided to go with Scotts ProVista St. Augustine sod for your new lawn, you’ll want to protect that investment by following the recommended care plan. Caring for ProVista St. Augustine sod is very similar to traditional St. Augustine floratam. However, it is designed to require less mowing, less fertilizer, and less weed control. Follow these guidelines to keep your Scotts ProVista St. Augustine lawn beautiful through all the seasons.

Best time to install

St. Augustine sod establishes quickest in temperatures between 80°F and 100°F. Here in Florida, the best time to install your new sod is from late spring to early fall. Always lay down your sod early in the morning and within 24 hours of harvest.


Your ProVista lawn requires the same amount of water as a traditional St. Augustine lawn. Water twice per week during the hottest months of the year, and once per week during the remaining months. Always water early in the morning to avoid problems with evaporation or fungal disease growth. Provide your lawn with a uniform ¾” of water during each water, and avoid overwatering as it promotes disease growth.


Scotts ProVista St. Augustine grass is specially designed to grow slower than traditional St. Augustine grass. As a result, it requires 50% less mowing! For optimal growth, keep your lawn at 3-4” in height and only mow with sharp lawnmower blades. Never cut more than ⅓ of the height of the grass, called scalping, during a single mowing session. Scalping will damage and weaken the grass.


Using less fertilizer is one of ProVista’s hallmarks. With proper establishment and watering, you’ll only need to fertilize your lawn three times per year. Use a nitrogen-rich fertilizer in the early spring and early fall. In the dead heat of summer, nourish your grass with a heartier feed. Scotts has all the fertilizer products you will need to keep your St. Augustine lawn looking its best all year.


ProVista St. Augustine grass is designed to grow in tight and dense, preventing grassy and broadleaf weeds from penetrating through the turf. If any weeds do breakthrough, it is resistant to non-selective herbicides. Just spray the herbicide directly on the weed without worrying about the spray getting on the surrounding grass. Keeping your lawn weed-free has never been easier!

Scotts ProVista St. Augustine grass is perfect for all Florida lawns. If you’re in the Tampa Bay area, get your ProVista St. Augustine sod directly from the farm with Council Growers Sod. We’ve been in the sod industry for almost 40 years, serving customers both big and small. Visit to see our Florida-friendly sod offerings, including ProVista St. Augustine.