Should I Continue to Water Dormant Grass?

Water Dormant Grass

Should I Continue to Water Dormant Grass?

When you hear the word “dormant”, images of rest and relaxation probably come to mind. However, when your grass is dormant, it’s not taking a much-needed break. It’s actually working overtime just to stay alive.

What does dormant grass look like?

Dormant grass is brown, dry, and lifeless. It’s so lifeless, in fact, that it’s often mistaken for dead grass. There’s no way we’ll ever know how many frustrated homeowners have ripped up and replaced dormant grass thinking it was dead.

While dormant, all of the energy in the grass goes to keeping the roots and crown alive. As a result, the lush green color fades, and you’re left with a brown and crunchy lawn.

What causes grass to go dormant?

Dormant grass is caused by drought or temperature extremes. Here in Florida, the most common causes are heat and drought.

Grass can only remain dormant for about a month before it begins to die off, so it’s important to remedy the situation as quickly as possible to prevent permanent lawn damage.

Does my dormant grass need water?

Yes, not only is it important to water your dormant grass, not doing so will kill it.

Dormant grass needs to be revived before it dies. Just a few days of extra water should do the trick. For grass suffering from excessive heat or drought, however, more than a few days may be required. 

How can I prevent my grass from going dormant in the future?

Your grass’ water requirements will skyrocket in the spring and summer, then fall back to nearly nothing in the winter. Adjust your sprinkler system to be sure you’re giving your lawn enough water throughout the year, and be sure that they cover the entire yard!

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