Sod versus Grass Seed: Which is Better?

When it comes to improving our homes, it is not only the inside that matters, we also have to work on the outside. A well-cared-for lawn portrays a picture of an organized home and provides a very cool place for relaxing while at home. However, coming up with this lawn is never that simple. The issue always starts with the big question, sod versus grass seed: Which is better? Let’s try to get some facts right. Having a sod lawn is more advantageous than growing the grass seed. Grass seed takes time and a lot of care as compared to sod lawn. Some of the advantages of installing a sod lawn include the following.

From the above statement, it can be said that a sod lawn will give you a finished lawn at once and give you the attractive view you wanted. As for the grass seed, you will have to wait for it to grow, pick up and then give you the attractiveness you wanted.

A sod lawn is cheap to acquire and saves money in the long-run. With the sod lawn, you get it all at once as compared to grass seed that requires time and money for weeding, pest control, and even extra fertilization.

You always have a denser lawn with sod. Since the grass plants are close together, you end up with no bare spots, and you don’t have to do some reseeding as compared to grass seed.

As a result of it being grown professionally, a sod lawn is healthier. With it enjoying the best soil, generous watering for strong roots and regular fertilization, a sod lawn ends up with a strong foundation that is good and maintains the beauty for many years.

You want to control and prevent soil erosion? Go for a sod lawn if that is your goal. It prevents erosion of the precious topsoil and offers an excellent solution to rain runoff. It provides an excellent cover for the bare soil.

With sod, it has no weeds for you to keep controlling as it gets grown in a professional way. More so, its density discourages weed to grow in it hence minimizing the need for using herbicides in the future.

Therefore, in case you wanted to know which to choose between sod lawn and grass seed, now you have the answer. Go for the sod and start enjoying a beautiful and attractive garden that is the admiration of your friends and neighbors.