Take Your Backyard to the Next Level with the Right Sod

If you already have sod in your yard, and you think that your yard has seen better days, the only change that you might need to do is to actually change your sod. That’s right. Instead of thinking of taking out your flowers or planting trees or maybe putting in hedges and shrubs, the only structural change that you might need to undertake might be as simple as your sod option. Keep the following factors in mind so you can make the right decisions as far as sod choices are concerned.

Everything in your yard has a decorative effect

You have to remember that everything in your yard impacts the overall look of your yard. Think of your yard as a balloon. When you press on one part of the balloon, another part swells up. What this illustration points to is the fact that your yard is actually a system. While you might think that the flowers and the plants on your landscape are independent and free floating from each other, they aren’t. The reason why certain yard designs look really good and others falls flat is because the designer of the yard knows the holistic principle of the different elements in the yard.

So if you are serious about taking your backyard to the next level, make sure that you have a holistic mind frame. Make sure you understand that everything has a decorative effect and changes in one part might impact others in either a positive way or negative way.

Identify which mood or look you want

Great yards are never products of an accident. They are planned out. They don’t happen automatically. Basically, you select a mood that you’re shooting for and everything else flows from that. In fact, your planning has to flow from the specific mood you want to set. This impacts of course the selection of all plants, and it definitely impacts the selection of your sod.

Find the right sod varieties

Even though you’ve identified the right kind of color and hue of the sod that you think would make your backyard really come alive, keep in mind that there are many sod varieties that have the same hue and color and not all these varieties are the best as far as maintenance and overall effort levels are concerned. If you are the type of person that would like a lower maintenance or lower impact backyard, there are certain sod varieties that you should look at. If, on the other hand, you really want to maximize the color effect and the mood enhancing effect of your sod, then you would be better off looking at possibly higher maintenance sod varieties.

Maintain your sod length properly

To truly maximize the compositional effects of your sod, it’s really important to maintain the length of your sod actively. You shouldn’t just let it grow out. You shouldn’t let it slide. You should be actively monitoring it so you can ensure that it’s at the proper length and as a result, its appearance plays a very powerful role in making your backyard look as good as it possibly could.