The Best Mower Height for Fall

119127766 sWhat is the best mower height for your lawn? In truth, your mower height should change with the seasons. Your grass has different needs for each season; and if you do not mow it to the right height, you could experience issues with your lawn that could lead to new sod. If you want to maintain your lawn properly, you’ll need to adjust your mower.

Why grass height is important

Grass height is so important to your lawn’s health and appearance. You want your grass to be high enough to look good and low enough to keep it free of disease or other fall and winter lawn problems, but you also want it high enough to keep the roots protected during the colder temperatures. Of course in Florida, you have the added nuisance of a lawn that grows year-round.

What happens when you don’t mow properly

Your lawn could suffer equally whether you mow too high or too low. Mowing too high will leave too thick a blanket on your sod through the winter months, and it can smother the grass and kill it before spring. If you mow too low, the roots are exposed and could die off.

Proper mowing height and frequency

During the Florida autumn, you should mow your yard to a height of about two and a half to three inches. This is a half inch to a full inch shorter than you would normally mow your lawn. Although you won’t have to mow as much as in spring or summer, you are going to still need to mow your lawn about twice a month, depending on your type of grass.

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