The Best Sods for Spring Planting

Scotts Pro Vista 1 For the most popular Florida grasses, spring to early fall is the best time to install fresh sod in your lawn. However, not every type of sod is good to plant in the spring. Some are better to plant in the full sun of summer. Here are three of the best sods for spring planting in Florida.

Scott’s Provista St. Augustine

There are several different types of St. Augustine turf, and most of them are suitable for planting in the spring. We single out Scott’s Provista because it has excellent weed control. It is also a very low maintenance grass that you won’t have to mow too frequently. Scott’s Provista is suitable for full sun or partial shade.

Floratam St. Augustine

Another Florida St. Augustine grass, Floratam is a great option for more shaded areas of your lawn. It thrives in full sun, but it performs adequately in moderate shade. This is another low maintenance grass, although you will not have the same weed-free and occasional mowing as Scott’s Provista.

Celebration Bermudagrass 

The Celebration variety of Bermudagrass is a very hearty turf that grows best in warm seasons. While early spring is too cool for this grass, planting in late spring just prior to the warmer summer months is a perfect time to plant Celebration turf.

If you are looking for new sod for your lawn, contact us today for assistance in choosing the right turf for you.