The Choice between Seed and Sod

Most people assume that seed and sod are the exact same thing. After all, the words are almost identical! But seed and sod are two very different options when considering the best route to achieve a beautiful lawn. So which one is best for you?

What’s the Difference Between Seed and Sod?

Seed is just that, grass that grows from seeds planted in your yard. It’s like planting flowers with seeds, except on a much grander scale. Sod, on the other hand, is often considered an “instant lawn.” Sod is already fully grown grass that is transplanted onto your lawn and rolled out like a new carpet.

Perks and Drawbacks of Seed

Seed’s biggest allure is that it’s a more affordable option at the beginning. For people who must pick a lawn option based strictly on a limited budget, seed usually prevails. Seed also tends to produce a more deeply rooted and healthier lawn when given the right care.

With that said, seed does have its complications. It takes a long time for seed to finally grow into dense, lush lawn. And to make things more complicated, seed has a limited time frame in which it can be successfully planted. So while it costs less, it requires a game of patience and waiting, as well as a great deal of care and watering.

Perks and Drawbacks of Sod

Sod is more expensive to begin with, but for good reason. When you buy sod, you are also paying for the time and resources required by someone else to create such a beautiful lawn. You are also paying for the labor and effort to transport that sod to your yard safely. People are willing to pay a higher price tag for sod since it produces a beautiful lawn immediately.

On the flip side, sod doesn’t always do well in the shade unless you buy a type that is specifically able to handle time away from the sun. Some sod owners report that the lawn shrinks and allows weeds to invade, which highlights the importance of proper sod care.


Overall, you can identify your priorities to determine if sod or seed is the best match for your lawn care needs.