Three Signs You Need Fresh Sod Installation

104825922 sThere are a lot of problems that can arise with your lawn, and some of them are more easily remedied than others. While laying fresh sod isn’t always necessary to correct issues with your lawn, it can sometimes be required. Here are three signs that you need fresh sod installation.

Bare Spots

If you have bare spots in your lawn, it usually means that the root system has eroded or died in that area of your yard. The problem with this is that the root system for your yard is all connected. If one part of the roots become diseased and die off, the rot will spread to the rest of the lawn. It is a slow process, but an inevitable one. Instead of spreading grass seed to fill in the bare spots, consider fresh sod installation.

Loss of Luster

Your lawn when it was newly sodded or when you first bought the property may have been more lustrous than it is now. Sometimes when grass becomes diseased or malnourished it can lose some of its coloring. It can also become thinner, so that the blanket of grass is not as thick as it once was. There are different reasons for this, but the only way to fix it is to lay fresh sod.


If you have had some serious erosion in your lawn, your grass is likely not salvageable. However, before laying fresh sod you should address the issues that led to the erosion. Once those issues are addressed, you can lay fresh sod with the reasonable expectation that the same thing won’t happen again.

If you are ready to lay fresh sod in your lawn, contact us today to get started.