Tips on Maintaining Your Florida Lawn in the Fall

Florida Lawn in the Fall

Your Florida Lawn in the Fall

In Florida, we don’t experience the dramatic drop in temperatures seen further north, so fall lawn care here must be adjusted to account for the warmer weather and continuously high humidity. To get the most out of your lawn this autumn, follow these simple steps:

How often should I mow my lawn in the fall?

Florida lawns still experience a lot of growth in the fall months since our average temperatures remain moderately high, so expect your grass to need mowing at least every two weeks to stay healthy and fresh. Some slow-growing sod varieties, like Scotts® ProVista­­™ St. Augustine, may only need one mow per month as the temperatures wane.

Many people mistakenly think that cutting their grass as low as possible will reduce the frequency of mowing, but not only is this wrong, it also makes your lawn look bad. Cutting your lawn too low will damage the grass blade structure and can even kill your lawn completely. For the best-looking lawn possible, never cut more than ⅓ of the grass’ length during one mow, and aim for a target length of 3-4”.

How often and how much should I water my lawn in the fall?

Watering restrictions are another lawn care obstacle to deal with here on the Gulf coast. Luckily, watering your lawn just once a week in the fall is enough to keep it looking great all season long. Be sure to cover every part of the lawn with a uniform ¾” of water for best results, or more if your particular variety of sod requires it. Installing an automatic sprinkler system to regulate lawn watering makes the entire process much easier!

How often should I fertilize my lawn in the fall?

Many areas of Florida have restrictions on fertilizer use during the summer months when the sun does the most damage, so boost your lawn’s depleted nutrients in the fall with a nitrogen-rich fertilizer specially made for the southern U.S. climate. Using a fertilizer that also includes insecticide and herbicide targeted at common southern pests is a smart move.

Do I need to weed my lawn in the fall?

Avoid strenuous fall weeding with high-quality sod, like those sold here at Council Growers Sod in Tampa Bay. The extra thick root mat grown with our premium sod varieties creates a natural weed barrier. Some of our varieties are even herbicide resistant, so you can tackle breakthrough weeds without ruining your lawn!

Can I lay new sod in the fall?

One of the great things about Florida’s consistent temperatures is our extended growing season. Since temperatures here remain mild well beyond December, laying new sod in the fall is no problem. In fact, many of our customers report that installing new sod in the fall is easier than in the summer heat since you don’t need to water it so much.

If you’re trying to choose a sod provider in Tampa Bay, know that Council Growers Sod is one of the few growers in the area that delivers sod fresh from our fields to your door.. .no middleman is required. That means you’ll only receive the freshest, healthiest, finest ready-to-lay sod for your hard-earned dollar. Call us at (813) 633-8665 or order online to schedule delivery of your sod on the morning you plan to install, which allows the sod to adhere to the new soil quickly and without drying out. Check out previous installations, calculate how much sod you’ll need, and get ready to enjoy a lawn that looks great all year long!