Top Four Benefits of Sod and Grass Lawns

Top Four Benefits of Sod and Grass Lawns

Sod and grass lawns do more than beautify your home. There are additional benefits that go beyond the aesthetic that can save you money, help the environment and make your living space more comfortable.

  • 1, Sod and Grass Lawns Can Reduce Heat and Carbon Dioxide

    Maintaining lawns of sod and grass over rock, asphalt or even plain soil, can cool your property, and even your home. This effect can even impact your home by cooling the air that surrounds it. The savings in cooling costs and the general comfort you will be able to feel is a definite plus.

  • 2, Carbon Dioxide Levels Go Down When You Maintain a Lawn

    Heat reduction comes paired with a lowered carbon dioxide level, which is better for the environment and helps with the air quality of your immediate area. A living law

  • n takes in that carbon dioxide and replaces it with oxygen. This is good for you and better for the planet.

  • 3, Lawns Can Increase the Value of Your Home

    A nice lawn makes your home more appealing. It also sends a direct message to buyers and appraisers that you care for your property and have maintained its upkeep, starting with your lawn.

  • 4, Sod and Grass Lawns Combat Erosion

    Since sod already has roots by the time it comes to your lawn, both sod and grass in the long run can cut down on erosion. The root systems of a lawn are excellent for keeping solid ground in rain and reducing mud and erosion.

Consider the Benefits a Well-Maintained Lawn Can Bring You

Well-kept lawns do require work, and there are costs in terms of time and dollars, but the benefits really do outweigh that investment of money and energy. The labor, equipment and commitment will definitely be worth it in the end.