Types of Grass to Consider Planting in Florida

There are a number of variations to consider when considering the type of sod to plant on your Florida property. The type that you should use will depend largely on your location in the state. Some of the most seen types of grass that are planted in the state Florida are highlighted here.

St. Augustine Grass

This is the most popular type of turf grass that is used for home and commercial properties in the state of Florida. It is well adapted to humid and warm conditions, which makes it ideal for the Florida weather. This type of grass will create a thick, lush look for your lawn and can be used for filling in bare spots that may be present in your lawn. The main types of St. Augustine grass you can choose from include: floratam; palmetto; Seville and Del-Mar

Bahia Grass

This type of grass originates from Brazil and has been used in the US since 1914. This is considered a pasture grass and used where sandy soil is present. Bahia is also resistant to drought, good for soil that is considered infertile and sandy. It does not create very much thatch and will not need to be fertilized very much. However, if there is not enough iron present, then it may turn yellow. The main types of Bahia grass is: Argentine; Pensacola; and Paraguay.

Zoysia Grass

This type of grass is able to grow in all different types of soil and has a good tolerance for shade. Once it is established, it will provide a dense turf that is able to resist most types of weeds and will require much less mowing than the other types of turf since it grows so slowly. The main types of Zoysia grass include: Meyer; El Toro; Empire; and Empress.