Watching the Weather and Your Sprinklers

89520449 sMost people who want to have a well-manicured and healthy lawn will use a sprinkler system as a method of irrigation to keep the soil moist as necessary for growth and maintenance. You may have even researched exactly how much water and how frequently you should run the sprinklers for your climate and type of grass, but many people do not think to adjust their sprinklers according to the weather.

Most grass and turf will become diseased and rotted when it becomes overly saturated. It is important that you are not overwatering your lawn during periods when you are getting a lot of rain. Florida weather is infamous for its rainy seasons. While you don’t want to completely turn off your sprinkler system during these months, you should be aware of the weather and ready to make adjustments to the system at any notice.

Of course, there are some ways to automate this process. You can now get smart sprinkler systems that connect to your smartphone or tablet. These systems can be completely controlled with timers and schedules from an app on your mobile device. From that point, you can completely control your irrigation and keep it appropriate for the weather.

If your lawn becomes oversaturated with water, you may need assistance to correct the issue. Contact an experienced lawn care professional to determine if the grass can be saved. If not, contact us right away for an estimate for new sod installation at your home so that you can start fresh.