Watering a ProVista Lawn

ProVista LawnScotts ProVista St. Augustine grass is perfect for Florida’s weather. It thrives in our intense sun and smothering humidity. Even though ProVista is tough enough for a Florida summer, it still needs regular watering to look its best.

Lucky for homeowners making the cost-effective switch to ProVista, there is really no learning curve when learning how to water properly. The same guidelines used for traditional St. Augustine floratam can be followed with ProVista.

During the hottest summer months, water your lawn at least twice per week. Provide ¾” of water during each watering session, penetrating deeply and spread evenly out across the entire lawn. From late fall to early spring, watering may only be required once per week, in the same ¾” amount. Avoid watering during a period of rain or immediately after applying fertilizer.

Many towns, cities, counties, and HOAs have restrictions on when residents can water their lawns. Most restrictions allow watering in the early morning only, which is best for the lawn as well. Watering in the late morning extends the dew period and promotes disease growth, as does watering in the evening or at night. Watering around midday is also undesirable, as much of the water is lost to evaporation. Be sure to follow all watering restrictions in your area so you’re not hit with a fine, court costs, or more.

Take cues from your lawn…is it looking dull and lackluster? It may be time for some extra water. Is it moist and soggy? You may want to scale back how much water you’re giving. To eliminate all this guesswork, use an automatic sprinkler system. Automatic sprinklers deliver a precise and uniform amount of water over the entire lawn, ensuring every part gets the same amount.

When you’re ready to make the switch to a Scotts ProVista St. Augustine lawn, get your sod direct from the grower for the best results. Council Growers Sod has served the Tampa Bay area for over 30 years, delivering freshly harvested sod right to our customer’s doors. Call us at (813) 633-8665 or visit https://www.freshsod.com/contact/contact-us/ for information on the sod we offer and to place your order for ProVista today!