Watering Your Yard During a Drought

During a Drought

Watering Your Yard During a Drought

As of April 2022, Tampa Bay is in a state of mild to moderate drought conditions. Not far to our south, in parts of Sarasota, Lee, Collier, and Charlotte counties, severe drought conditions are present. When dealing with drought, water conservation is essential. But how do you conserve water and also keep your lawn, which is a huge investment of time and money, looking green and healthy?

Check State and Local Regulations

State, county, and other local officials may announce stricter watering restrictions for area home and business owners during times of drought. Always check with governing agencies on when it is okay to water your lawn and follow these rules closely. Violations can lead to per-day fees and penalties that add up fast. Not to mention the damage drought conditions can cause both the environment and local businesses when people do not follow watering restrictions.

Remember – Grass is Resilient

Most warm-weather grasses, such as St. Augustine and Zoysia grass, are engineered to be somewhat drought resistant. This means that even though they may go dormant during times of drought, they are still alive and ready to spring back when more water is available. Don’t think that your grass has died just because it is brown and crunchy…a couple of watering sessions may be all it needs to turn back around.

Water with Care

Once you’re sure you’re following all the relevant laws and guidelines, it’s time to give your lawn the water it so desperately needs. We always recommend using a professionally-installed irrigation system to water your lawn evenly and accurately. No matter how you choose to water, apply an even ¾” of clean, fresh water to all areas of your lawn. Some people are tempted to give their lawns a little extra water during times of drought, but resist the urge! Overwatering not only wastes community resources but also encourages fungal growth and can kill your valuable lawn!

The Best Sod in Tampa Bay

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