What is the cheapest sod or what is the best sod for my yard?

We try to answer the questions that come through our farm every day here and these two questions are frequently asked. Just like with most of your home improvement purchases, “what’s cheapest ” when you purchase is not always what is cheapest in the long run. In most cases you are better off calling us, describing a little about your yard, possibly scheduling us to come out for a free estimate. In a lot of cases the layout of the yard- the soil, the shade, the drainage, or the use of an area will determine “what the best sod is for your yard.” Not what the local nursery has left over from another job that they can make you a good deal on. Not what Uncle Fred says is the best sod available. Once you determine what variety will work in your yard it is important to know as you price shop that there are tremendous differences in quality from one sod company to the next unfortunately. This is not like buying a name brand at a DIY store because it is 20% cheaper at one store versus the other. Do your homework and make sure what you are getting is the right grass and the healthy grass for your Florida lawn. All of our sod is cut fresh for a given order, so we can truly help you to determine “what is best for you and what is cheapest in the long run for your yard.”


Travis Council