What to Do and Not Do When Laying Sod

No matter if you are laying sod at your new house or renovating your landscape, it will require careful attention and the proper installation and handling to be successful. Sod is provided in large rectangular or square sections, or rolls. These will have to be cut in order to fit in the areas where you are going to put them. In order to avoid failed or messy installation, use the following tips.

Measure Carefully

You need to carefully measure the areas that are going to be sodded with your tape measure. Sod will be more expensive than what you would pay to seed the area and you need to be sure that you only purchase what you actually need.

Prepare the Soil

You should lay the soil right after you receive it, which means that you need to have all of the prep work completed. You need to use a spade or rototiller where you are planning to plant the sod. Be sure that you remove all debris, such as roots, wood and rocks. Then you will need to level the area with a rake and ensure that the soil is an inch below your driveway, sprinklers and sidewalks. The key is to ensure that the soil is level prior to installation.

Install the Sod Properly

Start by laying the sod against a straight line, such as your driveway or sidewalk. Make sure that the edges are put together tightly. Use a sharp knife to cut the pieces so they fit well around any trees or plants that are present.

When you take the time to ensure that the sod is installed properly, you will have a beautiful green yard to enjoy. The tips here will ensure that this is the result you achieve.