When to Fertilize Your ProVista Lawn

ProVista Lawn

Your ProVista Lawn

You made the leap and invested in a high-quality, beautiful Scotts® ProVista™ St. Augustine sod lawn from Council Growers Sod in Tampa Bay. Smart choice! ProVista™ is known for its vibrant color, slow growth, and almost effortless maintenance. Designed specifically for Florida lawns, it’s a choice that you’ll continue to be satisfied with for years to come.

Taking care of your established ProVista™ lawn is easy! One of the most important aspects of caring for your grass is proper fertilization. Here in Tampa Bay, fertilizer restrictions are in place in many areas to prevent algae blooms in our waterways and the Gulf. These restrictions can make caring for some grass varieties difficult, but not ProVista™ St. Augustine grass. Its low maintenance care schedule fits just right with what homeowners here are allowed to do.

How often should I fertilize my ProVista lawn?

Fertilize your established Scotts® ProVista™ St. Augustine sod three times per year — in early spring, early summer, and early fall — for the best results. This replenishes nutrients at critical times in your lawn’s growth. Plan your fertilization schedule ahead of time around local restrictions and you’ll be all set! 

For new ProVista™ sod installations, wait at least 6-8 weeks before applying fertilizer for the first time. To be sure your sod is ready for fertilizer, simply attempt to pull up a corner. If it lifts easily, it’s not ready. If it stays put or gives resistance when pulled, it’s ready for its first fertilizer application. After the first application, fertilizer according to established sod guidelines.

ProVista™ only needs fertilizer three times per year?

Yep, just three times per year. With ProVista™, it’s that easy!

Fertilizing your lawn just as spring sets in revitalizes a dull lawn after winter’s chill. Fertilizing just before summer gives the grass a boost after spring’s growing season, and prepares it for the harsh heat of summer. Early fall fertilizing, just after fertilizer restrictions are lifted, repairs damage caused by the summer sun and prepares your lawn for the cooler temperatures ahead.

What type of fertilizer should I use?

Use fertilizers formulated for southern lawns to achieve the best results. Scotts® recommends using its own nitrogen-rich Scotts® Turf Builder® Southern Triple Action fertilizer in early spring and fall. In early summer, they recommend Scotts® Turf Builder® Ultra Feed to give your ProVista™ lawn exactly what it needs to look its best. If you go with a different brand of fertilizer, be sure to use ones with similar compositions to those recommended.

Proper care will keep your Scotts® ProVista™ St. Augustine sod lawn healthy for years to come. For the best ProVista™ sod in Tampa Bay, buy directly from Council Growers Sod. We deliver directly from our fields to your door, skipping the middleman, and ensuring your sod is the freshest, moistest, healthiest sod possible. Visit www.freshsod.com to place your ProVista™ St. Augustine sod order today!