When to Sod

It is always a great time to get a professional sodding done, but if you are looking for the specifics, the following information will help. Basically, when installing a new lawn, you want to optimize its opportunity to integrate into the landscape successfully.

The Cool Months

October through February are the cool grass-friendly months. The warm summer months have too much damaging sunlight to promote the growth you are looking for following a fresh installation. While we humans may welcome warm summer heat, plants tend to thrive in more temperate climates. You want to give your lawn plenty of time to flourish so it will be lush and comfortable through the summer when you most want to enjoy it.

Know Thyself

Take into account your landscape when preparing for a new sodding. A professional can recommend when and where to put the grassy carpet, in addition to the best species for your area. It may be beneficial to remove a tree or bushy area to ensure there are no patches and you get the smooth, consistent look you want. Inform contractors before sodding and allow them time to prepare the area for a fresh coat of green.

Protect the Young

Pick a time when you know you won’t want to use your lawn for a few weeks. The sod needs time to invest itself into the landscape and build a hearty root system. One of the benefits of sod over-seeding is this quick turnaround time from install to usage. It takes seeds a few years to build an equivalent root system.

If you are ready to sod, contact an expert immediately to get you started. The immediate gratification of a beautiful lawn is well worth the investment. It is always a great time to sod because it is always a great time to have a great lawn!