Why Choose Sod?

If you are installing a brand new lawn, or simply looking to spruce up an existing or struggling lawn, you are going to have to make the choice whether to use sod or seed. This is an important decision that will impact the future of your lawn, so it is vital for you to have all the information before choosing.

What is the Difference Between Sod and Seed?

Growing a lawn from seed means you begin with a patch of dirt and grass seeds. You grow your lawn completely from scratch with no assistance.

Sod, on the other hand, is mature grass that has already been grown. There is no waiting period for your lawn to grow in and become luscious and green.

Is Sod Easier to Care For than Seed?

While prepping your lawn to receive sod takes longer than preparing your lawn for grass seed, in the long run sod is easier to care for. Not only will sod stay in place even in rain or harsh weather, so it will not erode away or be subject to mudslides if it is planted on a hill or incline, it also requires less water than fresh seed does. This saves you both time and money.

Sod is also easier to care for than seed because many sods are 99% weed=free, which means you save both time and money on weed killing chemicals. This also serves to help the environment.

What are Other Benefits of Sod?

Sod has many more benefits over grass seed. Sod that has been well established can go a long way towards reducing noise pollution by absorbing sound. It also increases oxygen production, is clean and prevents dirt from being tracked into your home or business, and it gives your immediate results for lawn rather than requiring you to wait for grass seed to grow in.

For all of these reasons and more, sod is clearly the superior choice to grass seed. Talk to your trusted home and gardening adviser today to learn more about your unique situation!