Why Planting Sod Is Better Than Seeding

81380912 s 300x200 1While planting grass seed is unarguably more inexpensive than installing sod, there are a lot of reasons to plant sod instead. When you choose to plant sod, especially when it is grown in the area, you know that you will have a lawn that you can be proud of immediately, not in a season or two. This is the biggest appeal of planting sod. However, there are many additional reasons to consider.

Low Maintenance, Low Effort

Sod installation also requires very little maintenance or effort on your part, while growing grass from seed takes patience, time, and a lot of maintenance. When you spread grass seed, you often have to spread more seed later on down the road, as some seed is washed away or taken by birds and other critters. You’ll also have to make sure that you water it well and frequently, as well as fertilize more aggressively.

With sod installation, there is really very little to do in the first year. Your lawn is instant, and you can walk on it almost right away. All you really have to do is keep it mowed and watered. Most sod doesn’t require any fertilization within the first year, and strong root systems grow within a matter of a couple of weeks.

The Right Kind of Grass

Grass seed gives you a lot of choices because you can order seed from anywhere in the country, but what you choose to plant in your yard may not be suitable for your climate. When you purchase fresh sod from a local Florida grower, you can be assured that the grass you will be planting in your yard will thrive in your regional climate. 

Professional Installation

If you have your yard seeded by a professional, they will likely be charging you a recurring fee for care and maintenance as the yard is established. Although sod is much more expensive initially, you could save money over time because once the sod is installed, it doesn’t require any additional service by the sod company. 

If you are interested in purchasing and installing fresh sod on your lawn, contact us today to get started.