Why Should You Sod in October?

sod in october

Why Should You Sod in October?

Choosing when to lay your new sod is an important decision. Laying new sod over an entire yard can be costly, so you want to be sure you’re doing everything possible to keep your new sod healthy and looking great. Here at Council Growers Sod of Tampa Bay, we believe that October is an ideal time of year to lay new sod. In this post, we’ll discuss the reasons for this belief and best practices when laying new sod in the fall.

October’s Temperatures are Milder

New sod needs temperatures that are warm, but not too warm. In Florida, October provides the perfect temperature range for roots to be able to establish without getting so hot that the grass goes dormant or dies.

October is Dryer

Rain is an all year thing in Florida, but it’s heaviest in July, August, and September. By the time October comes along (as long as there are no late-season hurricanes), the summer showers have gone away and drier skies prevail. Not to mention, the humidity drops off significantly. This is great for new sod because too much precipitation or humidity can cause diseases, fungal growth, and prevent root establishment.

October Gives Plenty of Time Before Next Summer

Limiting the stress on your new sod is another key component of keeping it healthy. One of the most common stressors of grass is extreme heat, and here in Florida, we’re not strangers to soaring temperatures, especially in the summer months. That’s why laying new sod in October is a smart plan, since it gives as much time as possible for the roots to establish and growth to begin before the scorching summer months arrive again.

High-Quality Sod in Tampa Bay

If you’re thinking about laying new sod at your home, you’ll want the freshest, healthiest sod possible. In Tampa Bay, that honor goes to the sod grown by Council Growers Sod in southern Hillsborough County. We carry all the sod varieties that thrive here in Florida, from St. Augustine to Zoysia. No matter what kind of sod you need, we’ve got you covered. Contact us at (813) 633-8665 or order your new sod online today!