Why Spring or Early Summer Is the Best Time to Plant Sod

14725599 10157584586385510 3989893793316589766 nWe are full swing into summer, and a lot of Florida homeowners are wondering if it’s too late to plant sod. While you can plant sod at this time of year with careful planning, preparation, nurturing, and maintenance, it is not the best time to do so. Ideally sod would be laid in late spring or early summer. Here’s why.

Lower Moisture

Sod needs to be watered frequently when first installed so that the roots can take hold and grow deep, but you can also give sod too much moisture. From mid- to late-summer Florida gets a lot of rain, severe storms, and even hurricanes. All of that added humidity in the air and precipitation on your lawn creates a breeding ground for disease that can kill the sod. Spring and early summer have occasional rain, but not nearly as much moisture in the air.

Warmer Is Better

Although you don’t want the humidity of high summer, you do want the weather to be warmer if possible. Florida’s tropical climate never lets it get truly cool, even in the winter. You can plant sod at almost any time of year with the right preparation and maintenance. Late spring or early summer gives you the best temps without humidity.

More Irrigation Control

Although your lawn needs extra water when first planting, too much water can invite insects, pests, and disease that can kill your sod before it has a chance to root. Because late spring and early summer have little rain or humidity, you can have much more control over how much water your lawn gets.

If you are interested in getting new sod installed at your property, it isn’t too late. We have the experience and know-how to give you a beautiful lawn at any time of the year. Contact us today for more information.