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Why Weed Killer Doesn’t Solve the Problem of Weeds

70962335 sDo you find yourself buying the same bottle of herbicide every season to combat the weeds in your lawn? There is a reason that you have to treat for weeds every year, even though the herbicide promises to kill them. How do they keep coming back, and how can you stop relying on chemicals to keep your lawn under control? Here’s what you need to know.

How weed killer works

You can’t buy one weed killer for all unwanted plants in your lawn and expect it to work without killing your lawn. If you used one weed killer over your entire yard, it won’t be long before you’ll be calling us for new sod. Grass can also be killed off by herbicide weed killer when it is not formulated for a specific weed. There are formulas for every weed you could want to eliminate from your lawn, so there is no need to improvise. The weed killer penetrates leaves to go to the root and growth areas so that it dies and cannot regrow.

So why do my weeds come back every year?

The fact that your weeds are coming back each year has little to do with whether or not you used weed killer the previous year. Weed killer works to kill those particular plants; but if you don’t improve the conditions of your lawn, you will get weeds again the following season. If you want to eliminate weeds from your lawn permanently, you’ll have to effectively manage your lawn’s maintenance.

Does that mean I shouldn’t use weed killer?

Not necessarily. Sometimes weed killer can be a necessity, but it is definitely important to use it sparingly and only when absolutely needed. You should speak with a professional before treating your lawn in such a broadspread way.

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