Your Most Pressing Questions about Sod

If you want an attractive green lawn but can’t seem to control your natural grass, sod could be your answer. These frequently asked questions will help you better understand sod’s purpose and plan for a successful future with your new sod.


How is Sod Different Than Regular Grass?

Sod grass is planted on a farm and then removed carefully from the ground in sections that are held together by the roots. This allows the sod to be replanted instantly on a new surface. Since the sod is fully matured, it simply rolls out onto your lawn looking beautiful. Overall, planting sod is the simplest way to obtain a perfect lawn.


What Does Sod Maintenance Involve?

Sod maintenance is simple compared to other grass choices. Seed, for example, is sprinkled over the lawn and must be carefully watered and nurtured for months until it grows in, at which point weeds still pose a threat and the grass risks being too delicate to survive. Sod maintenance is fairly straightforward; just water it, avoid treading on it for a few days, and don’t cut it too short.


What Are the Different Types of Sod Available?

Sod is available in a variety of different forms, each with its own perks based on location and purpose. Zoysia, for example, is a very popular option because it is so hardy and grows well in southern climates. Zoysia is also a favorite because it does not require as much watering, mowing, and maintenance as other choices. Once installed, Zoysia provides a thick grass that feels comfortable on bare feet and is able to endure heavy walking and playing traffic.


Empire turf is one variety of Zoysia that comes highly recommended, especially in the south, because it is drought tolerant, chinch bug resistant, and slow growing. Its fine blade texture creates a beautiful and natural appearance that is easy to maintain without excessive watering.


Begin your sod journey today by relying on the services of a local sod provider, and enjoy all of the benefits that sod will bring to your yard.