Autumn Is Here! What Does It Mean for Your Lawn?

You know that the seasons can greatly affect your lawn, but do you know what adjustments to make for each season? Now that fall is upon us, you’ll need to do some things for your lawn to protect it throughout the winter and onward. Here is what autumn means for your lawn.

Less rain

You’re going to have significantly less rainfall in autumn and winter than you do during the rest of the year in Florida. With the decreased rain, you’re going to need to up your irrigation game. While your lawn doesn’t need as much water during these dormant months, watering it occasionally on a regular schedule can ensure it makes it another year. Make sure you have your sprinklers set appropriately, about one to two times per week.

Insects are still an issue.

Even though the dog days of summer are over and cooler temperatures are arriving soon, that doesn’t mean you won’t have pests in your lawn. In fact, there are many insects that can ruin your lawn that are very active in the fall, such as chinch bugs, spittlebugs, and sod webworms. Any of these pests can attack your lawn, so you should make sure you have adequate pest control measures in place.

Shorter days don’t mean less sun.

In fact, you could wind up with more sun hitting your lawn in Florida autumn than you do during other seasons. With the decreased rainfall, you’re going to see a lot more sunshine. This sun can dry out or damage grasses that aren’t designed for intense sun and heat. You might need to add extra watering sessions or otherwise treat your grass.

If you are finding that the fall is showing wear and issues with your grass, you might want to start thinking about new sod. If you want to lay fresh sod, the best time is in the late spring to early summer. If you want to plan ahead, contact us today for information.