Fall is the Perfect Time To Establish Sod

Establish Sod

Fall is the Perfect Time To Establish Sod

The temperatures are falling, the bonfires are lighting, and the new lawns are laying. Did you know that fall is the perfect time here in central Florida to lay your new sod? New sod requires dedicated attention to detail and adherence to a strict schedule to establish correctly. If not done properly, you’ll be left with a brown, crunchy, unattractive wasteland instead of the lush green lawn you hoped for, so follow our tips for laying the perfect sod lawn in the fall.

Check the Temperature

Many of the warm-weather sod varieties that we sell at Council Growers Sod can be laid at almost any time of year here in Florida, but for best results, you’ll want to avoid times when the ambient temperature is extremely hot (above 85 °F) or cold (under 40 °F). Aim for an ideal ambient temperature range of 55°-75 °F…which is dialed in perfectly for the fall months.

In addition to ambient temperature, you’ll also want to consider ground temperature. Just like the air, the ground warms and cools throughout the year. Sod will die quickly in extreme ground temperatures, but for fall installations, you’ll want to especially monitor any upcoming frosts. While not very common here in Tampa Bay, a good hard freeze may destroy your freshly laid sod, so aim for early fall installations for the best results.

Watch Out for Rain

Water is obviously good for new sod since you’ll be watering it daily for at least a month after installation, but too much water is a very bad thing. In the spring and summer, rain showers and thunderstorms abound, dropping sometimes unexpectedly large amounts of precipitation. The amount of water new sod is receiving should be closely monitored to keep it as close to ideal as possible, and this is incredibly difficult during the rainier seasons. The fall, however, eases up on so much rain and gives things a chance to dry out a little, making it a great time for sod installation.

High-Quality Sod in Tampa Bay

Have you chosen a sod variety for your fall lawn installation? Call us at (813) 633-8665 for customized advice, then order your sod online right on our website. We deliver our sod directly from our southern Hillsborough County farm to your door, ensuring the sod you lay is the healthiest and freshest possible. Come find out why so many Florida families trust Council Growers Sod to keep their lawns looking great all year long.