How Often Should I Water New Sod?

Water New Sod

It’s no secret that your grass needs water to remain vibrant and healthy, but that isn’t as easy as it sounds in Florida. How much water is best? When and how should you nourish your new sod? Use the following tips to develop and maintain a purposeful and realistic lawn watering schedule for your yard. 

Water New Sod Frequently During Weeks 1 and 2 After Installation.

Your new sod needs a grow-in period to start thriving. During this time, make sure you stay off your lawn entirely, other than to water it. 

Your sod and soil must remain moist throughout this period. It’s best to water once a day for a longer period to develop deep-rooted sod.

How Much Should You Water After the First month?

Though your irrigation frequency should change each season, the amount of water per irrigation session does not need to vary. You will know that you are using the appropriate amount of water to irrigate when only the turfgrass root zone is wet, the soil is not saturated, and the water does not runoff. 

Shallow watering and excessive irrigation threaten the grass’s root system, so the best solution is to apply between ½ and ¾ inches of water just before your grass begins showing drought stress. 

Water in the Morning!

You don’t want to water your lawn when you return home from work in the evening or after your family has eaten dinner. The very best time to water is in the early morning hours. While watering during the day causes water to evaporate, watering in the late evening will force the lawn into an extended dew period that causes damage. 

Similarly, watering your lawn at night will force the water to sit overnight until the morning sun, which places your lawn at serious risk of disease and other problems. 

Listen to Local Sod Experts.

The experts at Council Growers Sod, located in Southern Hillsborough County, are here to help you understand the unique needs of your sod. They only sell what they grow, so you can trust their insights. Call (813) 633-8665 to learn more about the sod products and services offered by Council Growers Sod.