How to Care for Your Sod Long Term

Care for Your Sod

Care for Your Sod Long Term

You saved up the cash for the lawn of your dreams, put in the time and effort, and now have a beautiful, well-established lawn that’s your pride and joy. In this post, we’ll discuss how to keep your sodded lawn looking great for years to come with a mindful long-term care routine designed with Florida’s warm-weather grass varieties in mind.


Mow your lawn only as often as absolutely necessary and keep its height between 2.5″ to 4″. This will ensure that the crown and root system are not damaged, which will, in turn, allow the root mat to grow in thick and prevent weed penetration. When you do mow, be sure your lawnmower blades are extra sharp to prevent damage from blunt force against the grass blades.


Improper watering can cause a wide variety of issues with your lawn from disease to pests to nutrient deficiencies. Your watering schedule should be consistent but adjusted to the season and weather. First, determine if your lawn needs to be watered by simply sticking your finger a few inches into the soil to gauge the moisture level. You want the soil to be moist but not soaking wet. If it is too wet, skip watering this time and wait about a week to test again. If it’s dry, it’s time to water!

Early morning is by far the best time to water your lawn, and many cities and HOAs require you to water during certain early morning hours. Aim to apply a uniform 2/3″ of water to your entire lawn during each watering session. You’ll probably need to water about once a week in the summer and less than that as the temperature falls. Using a programmable automatic sprinkler system is the easiest way to handle lawn watering by far 


Fertilizer your sodded lawn using a fertilization program designed specifically for your variety of sod. In many places in Florida, there are restrictions on using fertilizer at certain times of the year, so be sure to check your local laws and regulations.

Pest and Disease Control

Caring for your lawn with proper mowing, watering, and fertilizing yes the best way to keep pests and disease at bay. Healthy grass forms a thick root mat that fights off breakthrough weeds and resists pest infestations. However, even the most well-cared-for lawn can get hit with a surprise pest problem or undesired weeds.

Pull breakthrough weeds up by hand as soon as you see them and enclose them in a sealed bag for disposal. This prevents the weed’s seeds from being apart from other places in your yard. You can also use an herbicide developed for your specific sod variety.

Pests can be a bit trickier to identify and treat. We recommend consulting with a professional lawn care service if you believe pests have infested your lawn.

Quality Sod in Tampa Bay

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