How to Get Rid of Weeds Before Laying Sod

Before Laying Sod

Get Rid of Weeds Before Laying Sod

If issues with weeds are your main reason for wanting new sod, you’ll undoubtedly want to be sure that all of the existing ones are completely gone before you begin laying your new lawn. Follow our step-by-step guide to eliminate weeds from your lawn before installing your new, lush, weed-free sod:

  • Kill existing weeds

Use a broad-range herbicide to kill any weeds and invasive grasses on the area where new sod will be laid. If you’re only laying new sod in some areas, be careful not to spray the herbicide on any areas of your lawn that won’t be replaced.

Wait two weeks after the first spray with herbicide to give any seeds time to sprout, then treat the entire area once again.

  • Remove existing sod

Once all existing weeds are eliminated, use a cutting tool to remove the existing sod. You can find a sod removal tool at your local hardware or landscaping center.

You may be tempted to recycle the old sod in your compost bin or give it out as a treat for pet chickens, but we do not recommend this. That old sod likely still contains the seeds of all of those weeds you want to get rid of, so keeping the sod around just increases the chances that your lawn will be invaded by unwanted guests once again.

  • Till the soil

Now that the weeds are dead and the old sod is up, use either a hand or power tiller to turn up the soil in the area to be sodded. Just 3-6″ of tilling will make a huge difference in how well your new sod roots into your soil!

  • Increase the moisture

Water the newly tilled soil daily for two weeks to give any hiding weeds time to sprout. Seeds that produce weeds can lay dormant for decades underground, then spring to life once they’re tilled up close to the surface. 

  • Kill new sprouts

If you see new weeds sprouting in your tilled soil, use the same herbicide from step 1 to treat the entire area again. Just like step 1, wait two weeks after treatment to assess for even more sprouts, and treat again if necessary.

After these five simple steps, your new sod has the best possible chance to bond with your soil and create that gorgeous, thick lawn you’ve been dreaming of!

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