Whether you own a business or a home in Lakewood Ranch, you want your lawn to look beautiful and green. When you have construction projects or home renovations that tear up your lawn, planting local sod is much preferred. At our Tampa farm, we grow and harvest the best fresh sod in the region. 

Our turf varieties are perfect for the climate and ecosystem of Lakewood Ranch properties. Because we are all in the same geographical area, almost any of our grass varieties will grow well in the area. Your property’s particular soil makeup, landscape features, and other factors may determine what grass variety is best for you.

The varieties we offer include:

  • Provista St. Augustine, and a few similar varieties
  • Several brands/types of Bermuda grass
  • Empire Zoysia
  • Ecoturf Perennial Peanut

If you aren’t sure which of these grass varieties will be best for you, our experts can visit your property and assess your landscaping so that we can offer you the best sod type for your purposes. Different varieties also have different maintenance requirements. If you want to limit necessary maintenance, this too can be taken into consideration when choosing a turf variety.

Ordering Fresh Sod from Our Lakewood Ranch Farm & Tampa Farms 

When you are ready to start considering planting sod, contact us for an evaluation of your needs and recommendation on variety. We can then calculate how much sod you will need based on your landscape. We do not harvest the sod until you are ready to have it installed. 

If you need to revamp your lawn, contact us today to get started with fresh sod.